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This site is where you can find more information about Nathan Beatty, an experienced voice over actor based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Nathan has been a stage actor for over a decade working both on and off stage in over 50 different productions.  Nathan's voice is the neighbor next door.  The friend you trust.  A casual guy.  His voice can also be the young boy hero ready for adventure.  The old jaded mentor.  The silly friend who's sole purpose is to make you laugh. Nathan has worked on various web videos on a number of topics and multiple sales oriented audiobooks. With a wide range of vocal talent Nathan is more than capable to help you with your project.

Auditioning and Rejection

The vast amount of digital ink that has been spilled on this topic is mind boggling.  That being said I still wanted to share my approach to the subject.  I cannot remember the source but I once heard this adage about auditioning:

Audition like you have already landed the gig.

This is the great way to approach auditioning.  Obviously don't be a putz about it.  Be gracious and thankful for the opportunity but believe in your heart of hearts that you have already got the job.  Your confidence will shine through and it can only help you.  

But now here comes the hard part: Walk away.  Forget about it.  Move On.  Once the audition is over do everything in your power to focus on the next one and whatever you do, do not waste time thinking about the previous audition.  To take the above bit of wisdom and tweak it a bit I came up with this:

The next gig you are going to get, is your NEXT audition.

Simple really.  Audition for a gig like you have it.  Then when you are done focus on the next audition and believe you landed that one.  Forget about the previous one.  Rinse. Repeat.  If you don't have another audition lined up, then focus on lining one up like you are lining up your next job.  Rinse. Repeat.  The reality is rejection is a large part of this industry and the faster one learns how to deal with that, the better their chance of success.

If you have a specific way to deal with auditioning and handling rejection, leave a comment or drop me a line at .  Thanks again!

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