Nathan Beatty Voice Over

This site is where you can find more information about Nathan Beatty, an experienced voice over actor based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Nathan has been a stage actor for over a decade working both on and off stage in over 50 different productions.  Nathan's voice is the neighbor next door.  The friend you trust.  A casual guy.  His voice can also be the young boy hero ready for adventure.  The old jaded mentor.  The silly friend who's sole purpose is to make you laugh. Nathan has worked on various web videos on a number of topics and multiple sales oriented audiobooks. With a wide range of vocal talent Nathan is more than capable to help you with your project.

Good Days & Bad Days...

Just recently I was having a really good day.  Some of my leads were starting to pan out, my site was getting more traffic, and an old client got in touch about a new project.  It was a good day.

But because my brain has a vendetta against me a thought crossed my mind as the day drew to a close:

"This isn't going to last.  Sometime soon you are going to have a bad day.  You don't know when, but it's coming."

This is true.  It wasn't going to last.  Someday sooner or later I was going to come across another bad day.  We all do.  Unfortunately for some there are more bad days than good ones.  That's how life is sometimes.  But there are two things you can try and remember to keep the bad days from burning you out:

Bad days, just like good days, don't last forever.


Don't get too comfortable.

You are having a bad day.  Your leads have disappeared, you don't get the job, a longstanding client informs you they will no longer need your services.  What is the saying, "This too shall pass." Frankly most days will be somewhere between the good and the bad.  But on the unfortunate occasions when you are just having a bad day remember that it will be over soon.  Just say to yourself:

"This isn't going to last.  Sometime soon you are going to have a good day.  You don't know when, but it's coming."

Just by changing one small word that makes that thought so much more hopeful.  But just as important as it is to think that to yourself during a bad day, believe it or not it's just as important to say it to yourself on a good day too.  It's a reminder that while this day is awesome, it's not going to last.  Why is that important?  

Because it's a reminder to yourself that you can't get too comfortable.  

Awesome! You got the gig.  That's great.  You start work on that and get it out the door.  Your most recent lead has asked for a quote on a fun project and you are pretty sure it's a lock.  You find a twenty dollar bill in your jeans.  It's been a great day all around and it's only noon!  

Here is where it's a good time to remember that while this day is great and you should enjoy it as much as you can, you still have half a day left to make sure tomorrow is going to be a good one too.  Find some more leads, follow up with some old clients, do what you have to do to ensure you have as many good days as possible.

Whether a day is good or bad is often out of our control.  But a surprising amount of it is in our control.  Much like last week's post about baby steps.  There are small things you can do every day to make sure that you having as many good days as possible.  

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