Nathan Beatty Voice Over

This site is where you can find more information about Nathan Beatty, an experienced voice over actor based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Nathan has been a stage actor for over a decade working both on and off stage in over 50 different productions.  Nathan's voice is the neighbor next door.  The friend you trust.  A casual guy.  His voice can also be the young boy hero ready for adventure.  The old jaded mentor.  The silly friend who's sole purpose is to make you laugh. Nathan has worked on various web videos on a number of topics and multiple sales oriented audiobooks. With a wide range of vocal talent Nathan is more than capable to help you with your project.

Staying Motivated

Like with most things in life it is hard to stay motivated sometimes.  Sometimes you don't want to do the thing you need to do.  Whether it is going to the gym, cleaning the bathroom, or even getting in the booth to practice.  

In voice over we are told we shouldn't do this for the money.  (And that's true!) We need to have a passion for what we do and do it because we love it.  But you know what, I love a lot of things but sometimes, I would just rather sit and watch a Murder, She Wrote instead.  There is even a great saying that puts some perspective on this quite nicely:

An amateur is someone who does something they love whenever they want to do it.  A professional is someone who does something they love even when they don't want to do it.  

I can't remember where I got that quote from (and if you recognize it and know it's source please let me know so I can give credit) but I think it perfectly encapsulates what being a professional is compared to having a hobby.  There are sometimes when I don't want to get in that booth.  I've had a long day, the kid was fighting tooth and nail to not go to bed, and dammit I just want to play a video game and go to sleep.  I'll admit there have been some nights when I've done just that.  But you know what, if you are truly committed to making this your career then you will set the distractions aside and do what you need to do.  Whether it be market research, training, practice, a job that needs done, whatever.  

How do you stay motivated?  I don't know, how do you?  That is a question only you can answer.  There are hundreds of ways you can try to stay motivated and 99.9% won't work.  It's finding that 0.1% that is the tricky part. 

For me, it's my failures.  Confused?  Let me explain.  When I think back on all that I've done, be it in voice over, my "day job", etc I inevitably think about my failures.  Why?  That's a question for my therapist but for today's purposes I have found that it can actually help motivate me.  When I think how I didn't work hard enough at that job, or I messed up my chances with a specific client, or how I didn't practice and played video games instead I think, "Never again."  I'm going to pick myself up and use that failure as a reminder on how not to do things.  While successes are great, it's your failures that can teach you so much more.  

I realize this might not be for everyone.  It can be all too easy to fall into a spiral thinking of how much you screwed everything up.  But for me and my twisted psyche I figured that my brain is going to focus on those things anyway, I should use it to my advantage.  So far, it's done quite well.

How do you stay motivated?   Leave a comment below or drop me a line at  Thanks again!