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This site is where you can find more information about Nathan Beatty, an experienced voice over actor based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Nathan has been a stage actor for over a decade working both on and off stage in over 50 different productions.  Nathan's voice is the neighbor next door.  The friend you trust.  A casual guy.  His voice can also be the young boy hero ready for adventure.  The old jaded mentor.  The silly friend who's sole purpose is to make you laugh. Nathan has worked on various web videos on a number of topics and multiple sales oriented audiobooks. With a wide range of vocal talent Nathan is more than capable to help you with your project.

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House of Business Cards

A lot of digital ink has been spilled on the virtues and follies of business cards.  There also has been a lot different ideas on how to do something that will "stand out" among all the other ideas.  In fact I've seen more than one article advising to go with just normal old business cards because in the current world of glossy, rhombus shaped business cards they have circled back around to standing out again.  I frankly can't speak to what is the best course of action when choosing your cards.  The truth is different tactics are going to work for different agencies and clients.  There is not a universal solution here.  

One thing is for certain though, it is a mistake to not have a calling card of some kind.  If you don't have something physical you can give to people one out in the world then you are ignoring a potentially valuable revenue stream.  And much like how a professional website and email make you look more invested, so does a professional looking business card.  You have taken the time, effort, and money to create something for your business.  This tells people this isn't a hobby for you.  This is something you are invested in.  So if they become one of you clients then you will be invested in them.

So whatever you do, be it a post card, a double sided glossy triangle, or a regular old business card be sure it looks nice and has all the relevant contact information.  The standard phone, email, and website will do.  (NOTE: I'm speaking from a VO talent perspective, this advice is applicable to other businesses and industries so be sure you aren't omitting relevant information from your neck of the business world.)  Also, if you are the type that doesn't really know what makes a professional business card look professional, get some advice from someone you know who has an "eye" for those sorts of things.  Or, even better, go simple.  The simpler the better.  

Hope this entry was helpful and informative.  Let me know if you have any questions at